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I’ve always been curious, wondering what lies just over the horizon, and it is this curiosity that drives me to work on innovative projects with exceptional people.

My desire to experiment with design, push perspectives and break things down has taught me a great deal about UI and UX. I have worn many hats and as an art director, author, motion, visual  UI and UX designer and terrible comedian I have gained key insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Previously, a farmer organic/vegetables, I graduated from NABA Milan, in 2018.  Following this, I took on a 6 month internship as Art Director for TBWA Milan and later collaborated with Mango Media Dublin as a Motion Designer. When Covid brought the industry to its knees and people’s priorities shifted, that feeling of curiosity and the need to innovate called me from beyond the horizon and  I took the jump to freelance my skills as a digital nomad.

I’ve spent my time revitalising my abilities so as to offer a more complete user-oriented vision to my clients and have been studying User Experience & User Interface with Start2impact. I have a genuine passion for better understanding user behaviour and pairing this insight with my design skills has been a transformative experience.

I am big on collaboration, be it picking coconuts or designing the interface for a new blockchain. I have a strong work ethic and am energised by  human focused & environmentally sustainable projects. If you are looking to create something that will genuinely add value to people’s lives we are on the same path.

As more and more of my partners started to ask “How can we adapt for web3” or “How could we improve our UX?”, I have come to realise that sometimes the right words can be more effective than a 12 step plan. This is  why I also offer coaching  services and have found them to be highly beneficial. Actively engaging with the design process can really broaden your horizons and give you a much bearing on which direction your brand should be heading.

This is the point where I should flaunt the awards I have won and blow your mind with my accreditations. And whilst I have won a number of prizes, honestly the final design and the results I have achieved with my clients are what I am most proud of. I am deeply passionate about my work and feel I put my all into every project I have worked on, big or small.
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