Why Your Team Needs a Designer, Even in the Age of AI: The Human Touch Matters

Hello, fellow beings! Is there still a place for good ol' human designers on your team in a world where AI seems to be replacing everything (even the most incredible illustrators, seriously?). Fortunately, I'm here to assure you that we are still relevant today, and I'll explain why in this post.

1. The unbeatable human touch

First off, let's talk about creativity – you know, that thing that makes us humans pretty darn special. The ineffable, emotional essence of design that only we, flesh-and-blood homo sapiens, can give cannot be captured by AI, despite the fact that it can develop designs, analyse data, and perform a variety of interesting tricks. I disagree. Nothing surpasses the human touch of a designer for establishing emotional connections and grasping cultural nuances.

2. Expertise that defines automation

Our design knowledge extends far beyond manipulating pixels and experimenting with colour schemes. Any project would benefit greatly from our crazy skills in user experience, design thinking, and problem-solving. Not to mention the designer's strong attention to detail and capacity to spot patterns and trends that AI might overlook. Believe me when I say that these skills aren't found in algorithms or trees!

3. Collaboration and communication superpowers

It's obvious that whoever claimed that "teamwork makes the dream work" was right. Designers are masters at collaborating closely with other team members, including developers, copywriters, and marketers, to produce products that are seamless and efficient. Additionally, we have a handy little ability called "communication" that enables us to discuss topics, offer suggestions, and translate difficult ideas into understandable pictures. At the time of my last check, AI still wasn't adept at small chat.

4. Strategic design thinking for the win

The strategic thinking of a designer is something that AI just cannot match. We are able to think strategically, create original ideas, and match our work with bigger picture corporate goals. We can create solutions that make sense for your business and your bottom line because, at our core, we are design geniuses. The best supercomputer in existence is still the human mind, I assure you.

5. Adaptability – A designer's middle name

Designers are like chameleons, quickly adjusting to the latest fashions, resources, and innovations. To stay on the cutting edge, we are constantly changing and improving our skill sets. And what's this? We have an advantage over AI when it comes to adaptation as well. Even the most intelligent algorithms could not come up with new designs, but we can harness AI's potential and use it to create them.

Therefore, dear CEOs, HR leaders and colleagues, keep in mind that we have the human touch, expertise, communication skills, strategic thinking, and adaptability to make a meaningful impact on your projects. If you ever have any doubts about whether a human designer deserves a seat on your team, just keep this in mind. Even if AI is cool, human designers are ultimately responsible for creating the magic.

Even if AI is cool, human designers are ultimately responsible for creating the magic.

Folks, that's it—another human viewpoint on the perilous realm of design and AI. Till then, keep being original and grooving in the free (and AI-filled) world! Peace!

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