User Interface design
When Joshua contacted me for the User Interface of the DeSci website I was ecstatic.. Most people still think of blockchain as a way to get easy money and not as a technology that is already reshaping our society., Decentralised Science, is an innovative solution to using blockchain to support, rethink and reshape Science and Science driven businesses.

By decentralising science it is possible to share data from research with transparency and safety; giving global access to new, verified, discoveries. Through the harmonisation of the decentralised system, it is possible to further support specific research, through the selling of NFT’s for example; improving human lives without the influence of big pharma.
The design process
I initiated the process with a soft restyling of the existing logo and then worked on creating a look that could harmonise science fiction, science fact, and blockchain. The solution found me  applying vivid colours to customised  geometrical structures which gave a retro l science-academy feel.
Organising the priority and exploitability of the UI was one of the main challenges as different users can easily have different agendas, such as acquiring funding or supporting a project. CTAs and descriptions had to guide the user to the actions in the website and the design had to make the research process as easy as possible with any previews accurately communicating just the right amount of information.
Project Delivery
Perhaps I am biassed, but I believe DeSci demonstrates to other blockchain brands, in the best way possible, the impact effective design can have on the UX of a potentially complex offering without requiring a monster budget. For example, by customising the colour of a page according to  a specific project and at the same time consistently signposting its functionality and facility activity as Twitter, Zoom or Discord discussions.

I was not just designing a website but a product for a specific, focused, young and growing community that needed to find a friendly but character defining environment.
As, at its current stage of development, a low-budget product, the challenge has also been to design something with a characteristic but unique modern style. The users are, in fact, used to navigating  fancy modern blockchain websites with high quality and effects. So, designing something fresh and contemporary that the users actively engaged with, without blowing the budget on complicated code or 3D design was a fun exercise.

As demonstrated from DAOs and the community, the website design has since been expanded  and commended for its visual approach.
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